Pistan Confluo


“PEŠTAN” is a private company that deals with the processing of plastic masses, PVC, polypropylene and polyethylene. Daily consumption of the raw material of the production is somewhere about 50 tons. In order to meet the strict requirements of European standards, PEŠTAN is constantly investing into the modernization and the improvement of the equipment, so that it could compete successfully with other well known producers. PEŠTAN has recently built a new plant of 20.000 square meters, with an open storage space with the same quadrature. Entire production of the “PEŠTAN” company is adjusted in accordance with the European standards.



Company was founded in 1989. as an Independent craft shop (S.Z.R.) “SUPERPLAST” in Bukovik, near Aranđelovac. Later, SUPERPLAST grew in to two companies, a manufacturing company “BUKULJA” and a trade company “PEŠTAN”. Finally, in 1996. company “PEŠTAN” is formed, which, in accordance with the national legislation, later becomes Ltd.

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