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Who we are

After years of hard work and dedication, CasaMia was able to establish itself as a leading
Company in Building Material field.
CasaMia adopts a reformed policy, which has set solid foundations to a fresh new start in both
the local and the regional markets.

Our mission is to revitalize the perception people have about lighting products by allowing
them to See the latter as items of real luxury. Indeed, we have managed to revolutionize the lighting
market By transforming the demand from a necessity into a luxurious product. On the other
hand, Our partners and main customers are architects, real estate developers and interior designers
most Of whom specialize in luxurious projects. In architecture and interior decoration, excellence
is the Combination Of creation, dedication, and a wise choice of materials. our market strategy
and policy have allowed us to develop the sale process in the country And improved the quality
of our products and services. .
To be a high performance and innovative company known for its high commitment to
enveloping quality employees, creating a genuine perception of good value for every customer
and making The world an easier place to protect and maintain. .
CasaMia is a company which uses its winning formula of experience and know-how to
Create superior quality lighting Products. CasaMia highlights the best In the classic and modern
Products.Come inside the window and explore the world of CasaMia.

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